Gift from the Heart Day warmed up the month of February!

What a great day it was!!! Thank you Bev Woods for your most excellent initiative to offer free dental hygiene care for those who otherwise could not afford it. To Sally Lloyd (for bringing the day out West in Canada). And a great BIG thank you to the dear hygienists (Lenora, Jeanelle and Jody and Dave the “honorary hygienist”) who helped make this day a success at White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic:)))

What a rewarding day for all!!! In total we saw 7 patients in our clinic who are now on there way to more healthy gums and mouth.
The ability to offer and share ones passion as a hygienist, to patients who just plain and simple cannot afford it, is the best gift for us worker bees. Have a fabulous Family Day weekend everyone!! And remember that a healthy smile leads to a healthy heart!