eClaims now at White Summit Dental Hygiene

For clients who have dental insurance, most are interested in how quickly they’ll receive reimbursements from their insurance carrier. Some insurance providers, such as Great West Life, have made this process easier by creating a website where their clients can submit their own claims thereby accelerating this process.

At White Summit Dental Hygiene we’re interested in helping our clients submit claims in a timely manner. Most claims today are printed, signed by all parties and are then mailed to the insurance carrier. We tend to take care of the mailing as part of our customer service to our clients.

Recently, however there have been developments in the area of eclaims for dental hygiene practices! The Canadian Dental Hygienist Association, has developed CDHA-ACHDnet, an electronic network capable of submitting claims to insurance carriers. White Summit Dental Hygiene has enrolled in this program and have started submitting claims directly to providers. Today, the providers on the network is limited to:

  • Alberta Dental Services Corporation
  • GreenShield
  • Quikcard
If you have coverage at the above providers, we can submit eclaims directly for you today! If you have a carrier other than the ones listed above, but would like eclaims service with them, feel free to contact your provider and ask them to start supporting CDHA-ACHDnet.