Light It Up BLUE

The Autism Speaks group, based in the United States, is one of the most involved organizations in autism awareness, fundraising, science, and advocacy efforts. They have developed an awareness campaigned called Light It Up BLUE, designed to bring more awareness to autism.

Here in Canada, we have an amazing group called the Autism Canada Foundation. One aspect of autism which is commonly overlooked is the group of disorders called autism spectrum disorders. These disorders are less noticeable than common characteristics of autism, and because of that, are sometimes overlooked.

Autism prevalence is up 23% in the United States from 2009.

Amazingly, autistic individuals tend to also show some interesting strengths! This may include non-verbal reasoning skills, reading skills, perceptual motor skills, drawing skills, computer interest and skills, exceptional memory, visual Spatial abilities and even musical skills!

Increase your awareness of autism today :