Summer Holidays with Dark Chocolate Sorbet!

Hello all! It has been a while, figured it was time for a little break and am now back from summer vacation!

I am on an OCD kick to try and find the perfect recipe for chocolate sorbet and I mean the really dark chocolate noir stuff! On a trip to Osooyoos we found a cafe and gelato place called Medici’s and stopped by. Oddly enough I did not order anything but my chocoholic husband did! The CHOCOLATE sorbetto was WOW as I stole a morsel scoop from my hubby! So the next day we went back, and it was closed. Poo. So we tried a third time on our way back home. They had run out! Who runs out at 11 am in the morning? Poo again.

It has not been even 12 hours since we got home and I have started the quest of making this stuff! So far it is looking good, I will let you know how it works out!


Okay so that first batch was not so hot! But it looked good. I had a recipe that actually asked to boil the mixture till it reached 96 degrees celcius. Botched batch.

My second batch was not boiled, but rather just slightly bubbling on the sides! Heaven! It was wonderful. Dave was on a caffeine high for the remainder of the day. Did I mention the health benefits of a good piece of dark chocolate?





Since getting back from Osooyoos I have also made a rhubarb strawberry sorbet and am now in the midst of

putting together some peach yoghurt ice cream with some really ripe peaches.










I am getting the hang of this cold dessert making thing!