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A time to be thankful, celebrate and reflect; Happy Thanksgiving to all!

IMG_0217Hello everyone!

This fall has been jam packed with lots to celebrate! In particular the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association celebrated their 50 year anniversary, and I wanted to make a special mention of this as it is a huge landmark for our profession here in Canada. The festivities took place in Toronto, Ontario this year over a three day conference. Really wanted to be there, but was signed up for a half marathon run  that weekend in Calgary. The run went very well, no medical mishaps and it was a grace to run with some very close family and friends:)

Very thankful to all who have supported the clinic this last year, we have truly grown so much this year and  have been busy throughout.  Many many thank you’s to all who believe in what the clinic has to offer, and letting us be a part of your healthy mouths, and healthy lives. So much to be thankful for !!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Long Weekend with your family and friends.

Helping Canadians understand Gum Disease

Best Health Mag Oct 13One of the things we love to do with our patients is educate them! The comments and feedback from our patients have told us that they love understanding more about how their everyday choices can affect their oral health.

Rocell, owner and head clinician at White Summit Dental had a chance to chat with Best Health magazine about gum disease.

Have a read of the article here.

Oral Health for Overall Health

Happy National Dental Hygiene Week 2013!

Just wanted to share with everyone the well wishes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent to the Canadian Dental Hygienist’s Association while celebrating National Dental Hygiene Week! Congratulations to 50 years of CDHA and CRDHA as well!!!

Thank You for Placing us in the Top 10%!

We want to say “Thank you!” to our wonderful patients for all of your helpful reviews. The constructive feedback you have provided us has helped us offer better service to all of our patients new and existing.

I’m so proud that we have ranked in the Top 10% in Demandforce Consumer Satisfaction. This really tells me that we are hitting the mark with our patients and their needs.              …Rocell Gercio-Chad, RDH

But don’t take our word for it; read why we’ve recently achieved a “Top 10%” ranking in Demandforce customer surveys. These surveys are sent out to each of our patients (who provide us with an email address) after their visit. The private, constructive feedback helps us get better, and the public reviews are… well amazing. Thank you!


Treat yourself to “Top 10%” experience with us! Request your free consult today…

What our patients are saying…

Meditation techniques to help those fearing their dental appointments

Hello all, just the other week I had a very very nervous patient in my chair who told me at the end of her appointment that she was meditating all throughout to get her through the hour!  It was quite a coincidence that she was in my chair, because the week prior I had a colleague mention about one of her patient’s praying the rosary during their dental hygiene appointment as a form of coping with fear!  For my patient, her meditation worked extremely well, and she even mustered up the courage to book back for the rest of her inital periodontal therapy and restorative care.

My particular patient had a background as a spiritual advisor. She explained that meditating involved three things for herself; the breathing, the focus on specific words or mantras (a prayer),  and trying to block out any thoughts or ideas past the specific mantras and words. It was a breath of fresh air, no pun intended,  to see a form of calming jittery nerve and phobias by ways other than 1 .nitrous oxide  2.  ativan 3. or any other sedative. I was very proud of this patient as it took her 4 years to get back into the dental chair. Meditation is a great holistic way to help deal with ones fears, whether they be in the dental chair, an exam to be written, or dealing with a new black diamond ski run!

At Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Dentistry and School of Dental Hygiene, a program was launched in 2008 to help students learn the benefits of meditation in their every day personal and work lives, called the Mindfulness Awareness Training Program. What a great idea, this would have been helpful for sure at my program!

For those who woud like to learn more about meditation techniques, check out the Mayo Clinic’s guide on relaxation techniques for stress busting. It could help you or a friend or family member at the next visit to the dental office!







Summer almost at an end!


Wow, what an amazing summer this has been. I have been living in Calgary for 10 years now and this is the hottest summer yet! What a treat!

Another  big treat at our house this summer was the blossoming of the peony plant we placed in our garden; it had been three long years since its introduction to our garden and not a single bloom! This year though, it happened, it bloomed! The third week in July, just as we began our summer holidays, the peony bloomed 3 flowers that lasted about a week. The peony flower is  my all time favourite flower. If I had room, I would plant 10 or so different kinds of peony in my yard!

I know, it might sound pretty boring and all, watching and waiting for a plant to flower but it was well worth the wait!  We are peony hooked. Happy Labour Day Long weekend everyone, and keep thinking summer….aaaah!

Smokeless Tobacco product’s Oral Cancer-Causing chemical found

What is smokeless tobacco? It’s the stuff you dip, snuff, chew and spit (Generally, not the stuff a good date would be doing!). For some time these forms of tobacco were known to contribute to causing oral cancer. Recently the chemical responsible for these oral cancer-causing attributes have been identified. The chemical (S)-NNN is part of a family of chemicals called nitrosamines, which are also found in beer and bacon! However the amount in smokeless tobacco is far higher than that found in food.

Read more on WebMD.

The invention of the toothbrush.


Have you been brushing your teeth in the morning and wondered who the heck invented the toothbrush? Well, as it tuns out it’s not a simple answer. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Europeans, and Americans all had a hand in brining to life what we commonly use today: the nylon bristled toothbrush.


$324,000 for one tooth!

Image courtesy of Antiques and the Arts Online.

No, this is no normal tooth. It’s the tooth of a Sperm Whale with an intricately carved scene. The type of carving is called scrimshaw. This recent sale sets the record for this type of Americana art.

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