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Dental Hygiene Clinics, an Alberta trend [Calgary Herald]

Have a read of the Calgary Herald Article about independent dental hygiene clinics in Alberta.

Hygienists make dental bill less daunting…

Gift from the Heart Day warmed up the month of February!

What a great day it was!!! Thank you Bev Woods for your most excellent initiative to offer free dental hygiene care for those who otherwise could not afford it. To Sally Lloyd (for bringing the day out West in Canada). And a great BIG thank you to the dear hygienists (Lenora, Jeanelle and Jody and Dave the “honorary hygienist”) who helped make this day a success at White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic:)))

What a rewarding day for all!!! In total we saw 7 patients in our clinic who are now on there way to more healthy gums and mouth.
The ability to offer and share ones passion as a hygienist, to patients who just plain and simple cannot afford it, is the best gift for us worker bees. Have a fabulous Family Day weekend everyone!! And remember that a healthy smile leads to a healthy heart!

Free Day of Dental Hygiene Treatment with a “Gift from the Heart”

Mark your calendars people!!

February is the month of LOVE. Hygienists in Canada are celebrating the day of taking care of our hearts, by offering free dental hygiene services to those in financial need on February 12, 2011 in Ontario and Alberta.

On February 12, 2011 White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic will be offering free dental hygiene treatment for patients who are unable to afford their care. This event was originally spear-headed by Bev Woods, a dental hygienist in Ontario. It has become so popular that it has now spread to Alberta and BC. If anyone you know could benefit from this free day of service, let us know and we will be glad to schedule them in!

Construction moving right along.

Hi Folks,

This is Dave with a quick construction update. The rough-in for plumbing and electrical is done, drywall is up, interior doors are installed and painting has started. It all seems to be coming together now on the construction side.

Rocell and I are both looking forward to opening day and meeting all of you soon! So far we’re on target for opening before November. In the mean time, take a quick tour of the construction below.

Front reception area. (Thanks for the colour suggestion Jeanelle!)

Looking down the hallway from reception.
Inside Op1 looking towards the hallway.
A peak in Op2 from the hallway.
Looking at the “dirty side” of the Steri centre from the hall.

The “clean side” of the Steri centre.

The lab area on the other side of the Steri centre door.
The beginnings of a staff room!

Construction is underway!

It’s been a long time coming, but construction is finally underway at the new White Summit Dental Hygiene clinic in Kensington!

By the way… I’m Dave, Rocell’s main helper in her plans to serve the Hillhurst, Sunnyside neighbourhoods, and Calgary community with her clinic. We’ve met some amazing people who’ve helped us along the way, and before I show you some progress photos of the clinic, I thought I’d share some of the people we’ve met and had the pleasure to work with.

Keith, our Architect – Keith is a very easy guy to work with. He has great ideas, an eye towards eco-friendly design, and knows the Kensington community well. Keith used his magic and helped squeeze all the clinical elements we needed into a small space. He’s the principle at KaBeN Design. If you’re in the market for design help, we definitely recommend him!

Lindsay, our sign guy – Lindsay is a very creative individual, and has come up with some amazing ideas. His background in events shows through, and his passion is second to none. Call Flagworks and ask for Lindsay if you’re in the market for signage or swag!

OK, now onto the photos. These were taken shortly after the walls were framed and give a good idea of what the clinic will feel like. Cal, our contractor, made some minor layout suggestions that seem to have translated well. 

The waiting area

Looking down the hallway

Looking down the hallway

Looking down the hallway

Operatory 1

Operatory 1

Operatory 1

Sterilization area with Operatory 2 behind it

Sterilization area with Operatory 2 behind it

Sterilization area with Operatory 2 behind it

As you can see there is still much work to be done, but Rocell and I are both excited to see this progress. We will post more photos as we move through construction.

If you’re interested to learn more about the clinic, visit us at the main White Summit Dental Hygiene clinic website.

Cheers for now!