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A New Whitening Pen

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So just last weekend I came home with a bag of goodies from the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver. One of the things that came out of my goodie bag was a Lifesmile Whitening Pen that is 15% carbide peroxide and promises to be very convenient and safe to use for a two week period of time for only TWO minutes in total a day! So day one was yesterday, and it turned out to be so easy to apply; it was like using whiteout on ink but for my teeth! It had a mild taste, and I was careful not to swallow any of the mixture, as I did begin to salivate very quickly upon usage. So next time I think i will do one arch at a time:)  so the mixture stays in place, that’s right on my  pearly whites!

life smile pen in uselifesmile whitening pen

This pen is very easy to use and even sounds like a pen, you have to “click” it to dispense the solution out of its spongy applicator tip. This spongy end clears the smear layer or pellicle layer on the tooth so that you have carbamide peroxide adhere to the tooth enamel as directly as possible. This is apparently different to other pens which merely just paint the gel on and do not swipe and clean the tooth prior to peroxide contact. It’s use is for those who have minimal stain, have whitened in office and would like a rapid and safe method to keep up the results of their whitening after the fact.