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The invention of the toothbrush.


Have you been brushing your teeth in the morning and wondered who the heck invented the toothbrush? Well, as it tuns out it’s not a simple answer. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Europeans, and Americans all had a hand in brining to life what we commonly use today: the nylon bristled toothbrush.

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Surgery food and young teeth – Not a good mix.

We sometimes take for granted “baby teeth”, since they usually get replaced by permanent teeth. However habits developed in these young years will usually extend long into one’s life. This article by the Sydney Morning Herald talks about how to take care of baby teeth and some of the challenges being seen in Australian children’s’ dental care.

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be to reduce sugary foods and over-processed carbs in your child’s diet.

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Oral Health and Dementia

A new study has revealed that older men who are missing teeth and elderly women appear more susceptible to dementia when they brush less than once a day. Although this study doesn’t directly tie the two directly together, we feel it’s a good reason to keep on brushing!

Here is the Vancouver Sun reporting on the study.
Here is the study the story is based on.