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Smokeless Tobacco product’s Oral Cancer-Causing chemical found

What is smokeless tobacco? It’s the stuff you dip, snuff, chew and spit (Generally, not the stuff a good date would be doing!). For some time these forms of tobacco were known to contribute to causing oral cancer. Recently the chemical responsible for these oral cancer-causing attributes have been identified. The chemical (S)-NNN is part of a family of chemicals called nitrosamines, which are also found in beer and bacon! However the amount in smokeless tobacco is far higher than that found in food.

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April was also Cancer Awareness Month in Canada

Oral cancer—not just your grandparent’s disease

Oral Cancer pic

(NC)—Oral Cancer is the 13th most common and fastest growing type of cancer, particularly for younger Canadians. Smoking, drinking, sun exposure of the lips and HPV are all risk factors in developing oral cancer. Here’s what to watch for:

• Red or white patches in the mouth

• Lump or thickening of tissue in the mouth, neck or face

• Sores in the mouth that bleed or do not heal within 14 days

• Numbness in face or mouth

• Wart like masses inside the mouth

• Pain or difficulty swallowing, speaking, chewing or moving the jaw or tongue

• Hoarse throat that lasts for a long period of time

Most cancers of the mouth can be treated if caught in time, and oral cancers are easily detected by dental hygienists who are familiar with the signs and symptoms. Reduce your risk; maintain regular dental hygiene appointments, and at your next visit request an oral cancer screening.