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Rocell Gercio-Chad, RDH

Rocell Gercio-Chad, RDH

White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic has developed Vision, Values and Mission statements to help guide its’ everyday practices and goals for the future. We feel sharing this information with our clients and partners, will help in understanding our approach to healthcare, and our desire for long-term, meaningful, relationships.


The Vision

White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic will focus on finding new and progressive therapies for preventive dental care to its’ patients. Always advancing our culture to support the health and care of clients and employees.


The Mission

500 healthy mouths by 2014.


The Values

Leading care Equipment, people, customer service and training to support the care provided.
Trust Creating an environment, and situations where clients feel comfortable receiving treatment and interacting with us.
Results We’re here to help our clients be healthy. That means progression in treatment with results.
Community Focused Supporting the community and clientele, being a member of their lives and they in ours.
Respectful Environment Creating a positive environment of mutual respect, and understanding. 


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