Teeth Whitening

Ladies with white teeth

Look and feel your best with whiter teeth. See a professional to have whitening done in a healthy and safe manner.

Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is a popular treatment to lighten the shade of teeth. When choosing a teeth whitening method, you should consider what technology is used, and who is providing the treatment.

Before offering teeth whitening, we want to make sure your mouth is healthy enough for this type of treatment. Because White Summit Dental Hygiene is also a preventive dental clinic, we screen patients before hand. This screening is included in the price of the whitening, and not available at whitening establishments not operated by a dental professional.

I was very impressed with the service. The treatment is very professional and personalized. You are being shown all the options, where your weak spots are with your teeth, what to do and what is not recommended. Above all they are very very friendly and caring. I would recommend any time.  -Mariette


Two options are available at White Summit DHC for teeth whitening:


In-Office Whitening

This procedure is the quickest of the two options, and helps you get a jump-start on whitening. The whitening procedure takes about 45-60 minutes (with a 90 minute appointment scheduled). The system used at White Summit DHC for whitening is only available through licensed dental health providers. This means you’re trusting your whitening to a professional.

Take-Home Whitening trays

While this option is the most economical of the two, results can still be impressive. Impressions of your teeth are taken, and then custom trays are made to fit your mouth exactly. Through a series of applications over an extended time-frame, the teeth gradually whiten.


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