Oral Cancer

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Oral cancer is a scary subject and it’s something everyone should be concerned about, or at least aware of.


What is Oral Cancer?


Oral cancer is a cancer that affects areas inside the mouth. This can include the cheek, throat, gums or tongue. The danger in oral cancer is that it may seem like an insignificant sore inside of the mouth and may be overlooked or ignored while the cancer spreads. For this reason it’s important to be treated regularly by a primary oral care professional who can identify oral cancers, and help you understand your options if something is identified as suspicious.


What are symptoms of Oral Cancer?


Symptoms may vary among patients. Typical symptoms include one of, or a combination of the following: skin lesions around the mouth, a lump, ulcer or sore on the cheek, gums or tongue that does not heal within 14 days.

Other less common symptoms may include difficulty swallowing, tongue problems, or ongoing aching in a localized area of the mouth.


How is Oral Cancer treated?


Like all cancers the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis.

We urge you now, if you’re concerned about oral cancer at all, do yourself and your loved ones a favour and book an appointment now. Be sure to let us know about your concerns.

Depending on the type and advancement of the cancer, treatment may include surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Because of the head and neck region being such an important anatomical and social area, in advanced cases, post-cancer treatment reconstructive surgery maybe required.

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