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Barkley the Sheltie uses His Electric Toothbrush

Dogs need their gums and teeth brushed too! My poor dog, Barkley has choppers that are set way back in his head; his poor jaw extends a full 5 inches and ends with a cute button nose. Shelties are known for “bad teeth”, and my vet has informed me that Barkley is no exception! Barkley has had a dental hygiene cleaning done by his vet under sedation in the past, but have been told by the vet that I am probably the best person to do his cleaning. So Barkley gets his own electric toothbrush and most days he puts up with it.

The ritual ( when it is done….i know bad me) goes something like this: me whistling for Barkley, Barkley joyfully running up to me, me getting him to come closer, he reluctantly looking at the brush and knows what is coming, me putting the brush way way in the back of the depths of his jaw, and Barkley trying to back away. The odd thing is that when I am done he comes back for more!!! I think he just likes to be preened, and likes the massage on his gums…he is spa dog at heart:)

I remember snickering with some cohorts of mine back at work about brushing a dog’s teeth. We believed at the time, that if a dog survived this far in evolution without the help of their two legged best friend brushing their mouths, that they could survive a lengthy time in their own lives. But alas, all the information and knowledge that I have collected through the last few years about bacteria in the mouth and in particular heart disease, made me mad with canine brushing. Apparently veterinarians have known about all the systemic problems linked with gum disease in dogs and cats for a very long time ! Which makes me wonder, why is it still news to us humans? 🙂