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We understand visiting a traditional dental office can be stressful. While we maintain the same clean and sterile environment, there are no high-pitched drills or odd smells to tempt the senses.

I want my patients to understand I have their best interests at heart. We’ve embodied this approach in our core valuesleading care, trust, results, community focused and a respectful environment. – Rocell Gercio-Chad, RDH

When you visit White Summit Dental Hygiene Clinic for the first time for preventive dental care, this is what you can expect:



  • You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist.
  • If this is your first visit you will be asked to complete a “New Patient Health form”. This will take about 15 minutes.
  • We will also obtain your insurance information to complete your profile.
  • You will then be offered a comfortable chair while you complete the forms.


Health History Review

  • Next, you will be invited into the treatment room.
  • We will then review your health history including medications, and current health status.


Initial Exam

  • During the next part of the appointment, we will take a look at a few health indicators that can include: your blood pressure, intra and extra oral conditions.
  • X-rays will be taken to determine the health of bone, gums, teeth and to determine the severity of tartar below the gumline.
  • Finally, we’ll perform a head and neck cancer screening.



  • Based on a diagnosis, we then customize the right treatment plan with you. While we will always prescribe a treatment plan for you, some patients prefer to choose predefined services.
  • Treatment may include: scaling, root planing, fluoride, diode laser, scaling, special rinses, desensitization, and other procedures.
  • We understand that some treatment can cause sensitivity. We aim to make every patient comfortable, and include the use of local anesthetic when necessary.


Post-Treatment Assessment

  • Once treatment is completed, an assessment is performed to determine success, and what future preventive treatment is required.
  • Ongoing treatment plans can vary by individual. In some cases, a few initial appointments are required to “get the mouth in shape”. After that, recare appointments can occur as frequently as every 3 months, or as little as every 12 months. The most common recare period is 4 months.



  • Once the treatment is completed you’ll visit the receptionist to settle your account.
  • Payment is accepted in the form of Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit, and we now provide direct billing to insurance carriers.
  • We will take care of submitting the insurance claim form on your behalf. Please contact your insurance provider for repayment time-frame.

Free, No Obligation, Oral Health Consult


We are very proud of our services and how we care for our patients. We’d love to share this experience with you. Please call today about booking an appointment, or with any questions you may have.
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