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About our Free Consult

When you read about our free consult, you maybe asking “what’s the catch?”. Well, simply put there is no catch. Offering a free consult to perspective patients meets needs for everyone involved.


Why a free consult for me?

What’s in it for you when you come see us for a free consult?

  • Meet the team and your care provider Make sure you’re comfortable with the people providing you care.
  • Get an idea of your oral health. Find out what condition your teeth and gums are in.
  • Get a customized treatment plan. The treatment plan lays out care for you, including fees. This plan will be customized to meet your health and financial goals.
  • An opportunity to ask questions. Ask a professional dental-related questions in an open environment, and provides you a chance to get a second opinion.
  • Experience our core values. We feel it’s our core values that help make our service so unique. Read more about them here.
  • Get a jump start on personal home care. Our experts will discuss what home care approach will work for your unique trouble-spots. This may even help you out for the next visit!


Why do we provide a free consult?

Why do we want to give you a free consult?

  • Developing a Partnership. Your health is a partnership between you and your care provider. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other!
  • Developing a plan together. Knowing your concerns and habits helps us adjust our approach to your care. The better we understand your concerns and habits, the better it helps us customize our care to your unique needs.
  • Getting the paper work started. Kicking off the paperwork during the free consult allows us to focus on treatment during your next visit.
  • We like to make our patients comfortable! Being able to meet ahead of time gives everyone the chance to ask questions, remove any barriers or surprises for following visits. This makes ongoing dental treatment so much more easy.
  • Getting the work started. The free consult, allows us to put a plan in place for your next visit. This means we’re able to jump right into treatment on your next appointment. Everyone knows what is expected and what’s going to happen.


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