Laser Therapy

Soft tissue laser used for non-surgical periodontal therapy

White Summit Dental Hygiene invests in modern, proven technology and practices with the goal of providing our patients with leading preventive care.

A soft tissue diode laser by a company called BIOLASE® is used to help treat periodontitis at White Summit DHC.

The laser streams a certain wavelength (940 nm) in the gum area that is attracted to the pigment in cell walls’ of specific periodontitis-causing bacteria.

The laser is able to lyze (cut) and hence destroy the bacteria that cause periodontitis. This procedure is done after the dental cleaning as a way to “disinfect “ affected gums.

As well, the diode laser is able to initiate a “healing” mechanism in the gums, by activating certain enzymes and hormones known in our body’s physiology to rejuvenate and repair tissues.



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