Partners in Health

Our approach to oral healthcare includes a holistic, preventive, whole body approach. We believe that maintaining your body in all aspects is important for your well being. The organizations below have similar views on this holistic approach. We’re proud to have them as a collaborator in your journey to wellness.

Iron Side Fitness CalgaryIronside Fitness“At Ironside Fitness we are dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives one hour at a time. Move better, Look better, feel better and Live better!”Ironside Fitness provides personal evaluations, Sport Specific Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Medical Exercise.




Yoga and BeyondYoga and BeyondYoga and Beyond’s knowledgeable team will offer classes for everyone. From hatha, vinyasa flow, power yoga to yin yoga. From hot yoga to traditional yoga, foundation yoga and advanced yoga. Yoga and Beyond will offer 50+ classes. Mom and Baby classes. We want everyone to have a chance to try yoga. Our eco-environment and friendly staff will make your visit more joyful.